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inflammations. This condition demands attention to the general

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text-books of medicine of the present day, is nowhere more manifest

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the common house fly, which delights to feed upon such material.

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grounds, at Fifty-ninth street and Tenth Avenue, was

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ing polluted air and lack of ventilation. When contagious diseases

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classes of poisons, mineral, vegetable and animal. Some of the most

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the upper and inner surface of the thighs is excoriated and inflamed

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it should be opened or lanced. A little strong carbolic acid introduced

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usually very troublesome in consumption and other wasting diseases.

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to four) are to be selected each day. It is possible in this way to

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preventive treatment, and will do much good without doing harm.

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manifest are vomiting, headache, constipation or diarrhoea, muscular

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Hemorrhage, inflammation, uterine weakness and displacements are

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rheumatism is an old view which finds its chief support in the fact

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treatment of diphtheria. This mixture is to be gargled every hour

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cold and damp as provoking causes of many diseases in which their in-

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molecule. In the case of the unne the most abundant constituents, and espe-

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The sebaceous glands are little bodies imbedded in the lower strata

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40. Kohts : Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, 1873, p. 304.

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creased as to make the expense of medical education

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stroyed that " union of sentiment and concert of ac-

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skin, which assist in the various expressions of the face.

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that appear to be common to both diseases. Occasionally the

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the anatomical appearances found as a result of anaemia pure and simple,

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the lungs and of the skin, the channels b}' wdiich the acid is elimi-

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ing the intervals between the attacks, the patient soon degenerates

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is one of the best tonics in the chronic stage of this disease. When

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must necessarily deteriorate in general health, but in many cases of

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reason and prudence should prevail, and neither a woman nor

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act not on the system, not on the joint tissues, but on the rheumatic

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