Case 2. — T. N , married, aged thirty-five, farmer; pre-
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later, they decompose so as to utilize the energy which the organism
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at once unites, and the two bodies dry up into a hard oily crust.
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Of especial importance to the surgeon is a knowledge of the local and
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blood hyaline and epithelial tube casts in abundance. The
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April 30, 1916. — Thyroid extract was increased to 3 grains per day.
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The notion has long prevailed that this is a grazing
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right eye almost entirely gone, and also a peripheral contraction, with no
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Urinary examination is negative. A not unusual case, but an unusual
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1 Balfour, p. 197. 1 have had no opportunity of referring to the original, Beitriige
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1 Thudichum, J. L. W., Physiological Chemistry of the Brain, London, 1884.
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characterized before the operation by lengthened intermissions, and
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direct use in aueh disorders. They counteract the original
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others continue troublesome for several months. When the
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conceivable precaution against the introduction of the dis-
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phyte " was originally applied to plants which grow on decaying vegetable
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under 5 years of age were no less than f~S&6 = i7;4 6 -
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that recovery was slow or fast according to the amount of
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the British Provinces, or in other neighbouring countries, provided that
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tiring endeavors to have the spelling and punctuation in conformity
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14. Warshaw AL, McChesney T, Evans GW, McCarthy HF;
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hcumorrhagic and necrotic foci found in the spleen and other organs are
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for alcohol ; while the patient is in one of the stages of the hypnotic state
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Professional Schools^ A_. E. Baker, Cleveland College of Physicians and
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ings; the former are almost invariably used in aseptic wounds and
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Congenital atelectasis is most frequently met with in feeble
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Fig. 4. The same in a blood specimen of an infected guinea pig. Fixation
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tus, fine dyfpnoea, agitatione pe£loris, faciei rubore^