TJrethro-cystitis is managed as is acute posterior urethritis of the

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like concentrated and easily digested foods, will stand a larger invasion

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ponding groin. These ran together, and formed a large and painful mass in

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course the ball fractured the lirst and filth ribs, and the

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One set is to be supplied to each veterinarian of cavalry and field

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and the frequent complaints of pain in the spine would

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the nature of the inflammatory process these small elements

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peated examinations led me to regard the case as one of pyloric stenosis

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before — an experiment in diet not likely to be repeated.

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source of disorganization and excavation in tuberculo-pneumonic

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pumped into the bowel as the tube is pushed along. Generally eight

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usually enter the intestine through a fistula resulting

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derangements dependent upon them ; but these rarely have time

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cent of statistics available. While a pupil of the ^^ienna Univer-

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single seed surrounded by a thin, winged margin, which aids its dispersion by the

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steamed, and sterilized, and again ready for issue.

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Koch relates that the spoies of .splenic fever, a disease of

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second condition that I wish to bring to your remembrance

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a general way with reference to these various factors, and yet keep-

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deposits. Owing to the deficient blood supply, they are apt to undergo

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work is done in what he calls his office. In some cases this is

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tions of the face and trunk, but had not the slightest effect on

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Constipation, in this condition, must be treated with much

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supervision of the registration in the counties and urge the indict-

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dromata of the bones, as rounded, irregular, notched, sharply

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of farcy and glanders in the horse are greatly benefited by

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get behind the scalenus anticus, and there compress the subclavian

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extended, by continuity, to the inner surface of the ductus com-

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Physician and Sportsmedicine, Sept. 1983. Vol 11: 9.