As yet only a beginning has been made in the use of national parks
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seemed hard, and its surface was smooth. The spleen was also some-
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ing the injection of collargol solution into the renal pelvis,
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and size, and the susceptibility of the sufferer. In some patients
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timony. I seriously think Dr. Quimby would have done
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At one end of the bag is an opening near the bottom,
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order to give the new system a fair start. It will add con-
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curriculum until the child understands how life comes about in
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taking place some days before death. I have repeatedly known
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stomach was to reduce the blood-pressure in the rabbit from 50 to
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medulla, seems to us perfectly reasonable and satisfactory. The symptoms
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and John Reid, all of whom became distinguished biologists of the new
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text-book knowledge, he was always a great reader of
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interesting if fatal disease, and is worthy of a place in the library of the
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For benign obstruction, without regard to origin, gastroen-
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of organization, like white fibrous tissue or bone, and hence,
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is lowered because in them the quantity of urine is
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are living; grand children and great grand children 121
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ative good health for a number of years, that may be expected when a
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to get beyond present difficulties — to find out what the family was
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subsequent anatomical findings. There was a complete absence of any
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differs from that of the Medical Department of the rest of the Army.
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The only remedies in this case were a little morphine to allay cou^h, and
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lower jaw being normal in size. The frontal region was broadened
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more discursive teachings of your subjects, probably be told
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method of equal value is the employment of bleach or chlori-
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strain," "war shock," "battle hypnosis," "commotio cerebri," etc.,
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salt- or sphagnum-moss-packed wounds, while it could not be
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any motion for fear the limit may be reached. This may be
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McGowAN {Lancet, p. 1423, 1890) reports a case of osteo-malacia in which
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been absorbed through the intestinal epithelium in an unbroken, unsapon-
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