sociation members, and readers are invited to send in any news
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intervals. Any changes in body weight that occur in
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produced by the contraction of muscles, which is always dull and indistinct.'
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nosed persistent or recurrent abnormal vaginal bleeding, appropriate diagnostic measures
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or pulmonary edema (0.9%), dizziness (3.6%), headache (1.8%),
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Several studies suggest an increased risk of congeni-
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torpor of its venous circulation, passes into a state of
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shown effectiveness for at least 28 consecutive nights
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from an ulcer on his toe, was conveyed to a seat in the temple
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CPC Parkwood Hospital is a private, comprehensive psychiatric
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reason why I was in favor of the same committee being appointed again. We got a great
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VT was 18% in 5 years and 40% in 10 years. The incidence of new onset of all
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better success. Explain, further, that the great acceleration of pulse^ which
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more or less, and to produce a larger or smaller annual mortality, in all
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Dr. Chatard adds, that he has, in his collection of cas rares, two fo3tuses
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0088-1771-49). Each green tablet is engraved with MARION on one
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give. I would not, under any consideration, like to see the number reduced below eighty.
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other causes, among which he enumerates the obstacles opposed to the force
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In his last he writes: — "All the world knows old Dr.
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acknowledgment that liomceopatliy is medical truth; but
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the last volunie of the Intelligencer. The call for a second edition so soon,
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to vacuum, resulting from the abstraction, and that thus, the balance of cir-
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affections, the following is a more particular account than what is given in
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plest matter of fact. To the question — What is the
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Treasurer for the year ending December 31st, 180'.i, was