Oentralbl. f. Augenheilk. 1888, p. 14. — 6. HoLBEN. Journ. Nerv. and Meni. Ms.
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stream. By this treatment it becomes impossible that
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patient being, as remarked before, in a very critical condition. From
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he has given my system of practice with directions for
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fixed in a state of flexion. At 7 a. m., March 2d, Dr.
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restless, and is not inclined to stand on the sore leg. In many cases,
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crepancies are often noted between the systolic readings on compres-
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and it is strict economy to indulge him, for no animal
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It often happens that an attack of iritis leaves the eye in a con-
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quent exercife, efpecially riding ; regular living ;
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of today. The lack of physical stamina, the fashions of dress
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similar fibres between the two auditory word-centres seems shown \)j the
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cent, carbolic acid. While the concentrated preparations
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Thus Boerhaave states that all the children of an epileptic man
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2. What was it that caused so great a disturbance in the
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officers will confer a favour by also communicating with the Editor,
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physical, clinical, and meteorologic causes, necessarily leads to inappropriate dosage,
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if we apply the law of the survival of the fittest to the
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mg. (800 million) dried and ground sensitized typhoid organisms to
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when I say without hesitation, I mean that blessing to
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been inclined to believe this was favourable ; I had, however,
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common form of skin disease. For acute cases painting the part attacked with
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Phosphorus poisoning in etiology of fatty degenera-
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ago and was more recently reintroduced for preparation of pure
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of an operation which must prove to be one of the most valuable
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mal men show a very decided increase in the total proteins, which
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of chronic intestinal stasis. For this purpose I recommend an
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