which have facilities and personnel sufficient to carry on
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but headache, persistent vomiting, febrile temperatures, and abundant
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diuresis, or epistaxis. When epistaxis occurs the relief to the headache
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trated in graphs, the plan of which demands some elucidation. The
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locum tenens in general practice or internal medicine
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2nd. Both the Oil and Milk are perfectly digested and wholly assimilable and
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unaccompanied by pain. Tenderness, however, over the lower
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Surgeon C. Sutherland, U.S.A., is relieved fh>m duty at AnnapoHa,
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standard of good health. Comparatively slight derangements
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arm been dependent instead of elevated, and the axillary struc-
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fruit, oranj^eg and bananas, and aUo frenh meat, bread,
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ments on the subject to contain a curious medley of
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sidered an unhealthy one, but more particularly so during
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which have to be taken into account, we find that the size and
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abscesses, acute consecutive suppurative nephritis, or surgical kidney,
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ProfraaoT of PhyBiologj, Northwestern UniTCrsit; MedicaJ Schmri, Chicago
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u ftraight part is broke off the length of two orth
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in the bronchial secretion and the spleen. No intestinal lesions were found.
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meeting of the Association will be held in Ottawa on the 12th,
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siness, and could not decide, at that time, to make such an important
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lapse of weeks, there is no propriety in describing the case as one of slow resolution
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been. This case was a good example of the bad effect of drain-
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garded simply as the vehicle of the seminal aura, but the
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429 is surely a misprint. There are other similar minor defects, which
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thirty days or sometimes for a longer period : its severity is propor-
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agencies which have been mentioned, increased living room and purity of
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dix during epidemics are frequently followed by a rash, causing
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mixture is prepared in a 1-ounce bottle. A strip of adhesive plas-
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Jacobson, Roland Arthur, s, a, w, Billings, Mont. S.B. (U. of Wisconsin) '21.
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and the patient is surprised to find himself cured. — The Lon-
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than this, however, has been the effect on their minds of thinking