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tricular walls. In Case 137, which occurred in the practice of
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cast it through the bars of the cage at his keeper.
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the eminent surgeon, Dr. Geo, W. Grille, of Gleveland, Ohio,
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of not admitting the precipitation of any urates ; and, further, crystals formed at
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grammes, the dosage being one suppository a night for a month, then
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pelvis of the kidney. When in these affections, without arty
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— 7. Hirsch. Handbook of Geographical and Historical Pathology, New Sydenham
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form, but this scepticism scarcely accords with common
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lected a chemical change occurs which imparts to it a disagreeable
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latanism, namely, the so-called religious press. The following
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every birth, a notice of which has been sent to the City Hall, but
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Medical Association, has written upon the reason of the deficiencies in the
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amount of discretion in the selection of a disinfectant for the
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Table of Estimates of Encephala Averages for the whole of Life above
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that there should still be found individuals in the ranks of the medical profession who
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was reported to be one hundred and six years of age.
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haps because they feared that in the use of energetic sudorific