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comes strangulated, and sloughs off in cases of inversion, we should
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work of the school nurses. Facilities for bodily cleanli-
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tious type of nongouty arthritis. However, of the latter type roent-
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Frank von Hippel is a senior research physicist and professor
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still widely perpetuated. In his quieting the storm,
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Mince the white meat of a chicken fine, or pull it in bits.
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appearing in a cachectic drunkard, or in a syphilitic subject who has
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the last five years ; present attack has lasted five weeks. ISth.
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poisons from the cells but to seize certain food stuffs, particularly the pro-
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three to four days but persisted in moderate degree for days or
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exclusive muscular ; and that the rigidity is produced
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down these cases. It would be a very different exhibit if
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3. On Stricture of the Urethra, including an Account of Perineal Abscess, Urinary
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tions for admission. Of these, 1 1 1 were rejected for
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tional cases, in which, owing to the age of the patient or other
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to lose its effect, as it will do in a few days, the sulphate of zinc
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().8 jjer cent. As a rule, diarrhea had been mild, and
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again in three or four months, when he informed me that he began to
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Heat one pint of fresh unboiled milk to about blood heat, or about ioo°
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8,000, etc. Of 17 different micro-organisms, of which
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are too convex, and who, as a consequence, are what is called near-
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publish some novel but correct views in reference to their treatment. In
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the minute vessels of the brain, and thus death from syncope was
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roots and herbs the fields produced ; and thus indif-
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rope, etc., has repeatedly caused instant death, by apoplexy of the lungs, the exer-
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or engineering. I never liked the idea of working for oth
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heat, and had the satisfaction of seeing developed but a
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Of Moizard and Perregaux's 231 cases, total fatality 14.7 per cent, there
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shape, and communicating with it by a circular orifice with
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nose on your face ; she is suffering from lead poisoning ; " and
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real fact for this dogmatism : given, a syphilitic eruption, let us
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emergency hospital, to acconnnodate six beds, and a
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of high value. In chlorosis, both the cells and the
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upon examination and approval, will forward the statement to the
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by British and American organizations. The curriculum of the
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of about three years the patient met with a falL Soon ,
her own work, and the child born before the doctor could
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