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advantage, though he has never employed either of these methods.

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peroxide of hydrogen, chloride of zinc, Van Swieten solution,

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of psoriasis before. He would point out that the loosening of the nail-plate

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convinced that the size of the grafts is a matter of great impor-

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<TJahresb. ii. d. Leistung. a. d. Geb. d. Vet.-Med., Berl. (1903), v. 23, p. 112.

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ing of the posterior spinal meninges; absolute integrity of all the anterior

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observed to have but little influence on the auricular beat, although it

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It will be observed that in this specimen there is at one place

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of its having some injurious effect on her constitution.

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opened it, much pus gushed forth, which made one wonder whether it

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book deserves favorable comment, and fulfils the purpose

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midway between the dorsal and lateral positions. The

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Rabinowitz, Stephen H. Clinical Assistant Professor of

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soon she was able to have a daily stool without any

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cut away with scissors. No point of constriction could be found.

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great aorta (anterior and posterior), which gives rise to a numer-

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of inspiration and entertainment, a refuge from the tire and troubles of the day. A busy physician has not

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cable, however, to cases in which there is no commi-

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being about half a mile. We are also told that the disease

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to form the posterior roots of the spinal cord, and the cell bodies of these

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if called for within one year after they have been received.

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