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his patients a sufficient supply of the drug to enable them to

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effect of chloroform it is stated that " it is well to remember that

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insanity. Two (XXIL, XXIV.) are cases of mania — one chronic and

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This supposition would explain why it is that the nervous diseases in ques-

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tressing symptom. As in children, the patient is subject to attacks of

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cases of obstinate diarrhea marked by remissions, exacerbations,

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as certain to be seen as not to be seen when morphine alone

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other than that which was contained in the Sanitary Code. The

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had a severe rigor and died in three days. Post-mortem I found several

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calculations of legislators and insignficant atoms beneath the

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be considered by societies is. Shall we treat rupture of the uterus by

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belief could be entertained that we had to do with different diseases. In

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and all the albuminous substances to be first appropriated by the organs

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after the operation. In the second group should be placed the cases of

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mean specific gravity of many specimens is taken of known quantities

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the membrane near the Eustachian opening may aid in preserving the

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into St. Catherine's Hospital, and she vomited continuously while she was there.

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the very grave defects of the British act is the fact it guarantees

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to a half dozen other physicians and supplementing the treat-

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uncertain, if this were the only means at our command. This albumin

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ness and precision about the sounds. A short systolic murmur can be

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dropped, as though shot, in complete collapse. He had to be

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that the various kinds of cocci (including the different types of

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is recognized there will be no adequate insurance possible. Physi-

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f It is of the greatest importance to have the field of operation

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numerous small arteries and veins supplying the mucous mem-

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arrested, and the case becomes one of chronic phthisis. The open

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his illness to any emotional cause, but has been worried about business. Can

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the posterior arm down just in front of the ear to the level of

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efforts to save life where the uterus has been rupturedduring pregnancy

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ence with impetigo herpetiformis entitles his communication to due

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The evidence upon which rests the theory that the lesion is primarily in

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If there is any disease in the entire category which is attended

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