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to have these problems. For example, a freshman stu-

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appear, as true leprosy sometimes does among us, like a

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ate of potash, chrysarobin, corrosive sublimate, pyrogallic

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pleasing languor takes possession of the brain, and is diffused

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in every respect as strict as in any religious convent, as opposed

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carried to bed, where he has been ever since. From that

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away with a suddenness and a'sadness that has terribly tested the faith of

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corner of the 25,000-square mile Navajo Reservation. There

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acid and lactic acid in the stomach was the cause of the

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virus retinitis (Letter). Ann Intern Med 1985; 103:962

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I do not think so, because in the middle of the fibrous tissue there

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these readings are high. Possibly some irritating brass filings

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for Putnam' s- -they p'jblished the diet book--called

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T. Dale, Esq. ; Campbell De Morgan, Esq., F.R.S. ; J. F.

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protein catabolism. As a rule the secondary oxidations are sufficient to

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pains in the throat or dysphagia, emaciation which gradually increases ;

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epileptic, whose fits debar him from useful occupation, becomes a burden

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about -50 per cent, of the eyes have been lost from chronic

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catarrhal deafness, hemorrhoids, hernia, etc., but the

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microalbuminuria generally have values greater than 0.02.

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of attention will be the same as that for Infantry training, except

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nize how much fear often exists — is highly produc-

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sophic sage expressed it "if it has pleased God to construct in-

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were closely packed w^ith cells, the peripheral ones being large

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exostosis compressing the trifacial nerve at its exit from the Gasserian ganglion, or was

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ment seems constant, and hepatic enlargement common ; there is

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ment, detached in all probability from the posterior part of the iris, were depo-

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