volume of acetic acid and thoroughly shaken. Ten cc. of ether is then added
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could not imagine how this patient became infected till I took
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unfortunate location of the al'ter-birth which produces it.
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D. W. YANDELL, M. D., and H. A. COTTELL, M. D., Editors.
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in the occipital lobe may cause hemiplegia, though this
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ronment with some nursing care, assistance with activities of
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ous acid called cerebric acid, and glycero-phosphoric acid, lecithin,
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at the eighteenth year. In its general progress it resembles closely
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capillaries, and does not remove from the circulation a cer-
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examination has been very desirable and very helpful.
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Ftormed uncomplicated cases, a catarrhal inflammation of the
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could, however, on forcibly closing the right eye, read ordinary-
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the posterior walls of the vagina. This irritates and intlames
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correspondent, do not believe that marriage will convert " the
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The " External Form" of the Infection, or Maliatiani
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Brims has described four cases of tumour of the frontal lobe in which,
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other drug for that directed without the knowledge and consent of the physician.