hemorrhagic. As it was inoperable, Professor Thomson suggested

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amount in the aggregate probably, in the next ten years, to from

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M^d., February, 1872, from Arch, der Bcilkujide, xi., 1-15.

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and cortical tissue were completely obliterated. (Fig. 1.) The organ

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cated by a deep inspiration. When it was pushed back, or

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cured. in from five to six months. The first three or four weeks after

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While the nervous system is involved also, the actual

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Virchow' s designation for it of cheesy broncho pneumonia, but

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competent evidence subject to the same rules of evidence as are applicable

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Collodion. — Mix in a glass vessel, 30 parts strong sul-

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efforts suffice to clear the stomach* But, occafiionallyf

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ties that had existed for a number of weeks, and I think

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France has 24 medical schools, the best known to most Americans being

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vagina, twenty of the cervix, or of the body of the

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not made themselves unapproachable by their children, or, failing in

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1691. Dr. Kichard Lower died in England, aged 60 years.

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children, one must bear in mind the tenderness of the skin, its

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color. The middle of the right lung or either apex is the part most

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cation,! that the level rises at first with increasing concentration until

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tives with whom the}' are generally brought in contact, we

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in the whole body. For if the arterialiaation of the blood be arrested,

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involved in about '20 per cent, of the cases : in chronic pemphigus they

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as the War Department, and our foreign military attachees will

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the motor apparatus. But though the effect of the poison on the tissues

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or rather pretenders to the Hippocratian mantle ! — Observe your blind,

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.75 gramme of albumin per litre, urea 22 grammes, pus

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Treatment of epilej^sy in connection tcith auto- and lietero-toxins {Med.

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I have had the good fortune to save two of the cases. One of the

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siological condition of the woman, convulsive attacks sometimes occur suddenly,

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The other or sixth case was much more obstinate, and the