partly to the action of the poisons produced by the bacteria. As the

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tion in its tremulousness, by an increased desire for food, and by a manifest

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stage of cirrhosis, a chronic yenous congestion occurs in those yiscera

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traumatic aneurysm, there are (5) fusiform, in which there is a long,

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tumor be felt, it will fluctuate ; but rarely is there a distinct tumor.

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may find exit, in rare instances, along the plane of the psoas muscle. In

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on slight exertion. Under these circumstances the bronchial hemorrhage

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increase to 120 or even 140, or perhaps 150 beats per minute, and not in-

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parts, calculi, cirrhosis of the pancreas, or angular displacements of the

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3. Certain diseases of the bladder wall, as fibroid and other changes,

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with illnatimtlons of apecimena, marlu, end monograma, te. {F&rming Fart II, of

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This form of fever cannot strictly be regarded as a contagious diseasCj

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of confluent small-pox nearly one-half the cases prove fatal. ' The best record

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External hemorrhage is slight, the reason being that the mash-

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nicntia to atheromatous arteries. The different organs atrophy, the skin

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withdrawn, so that no fluid can escape into the peritoneal cavity. All dan-

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develop cirrhosis. It may also occur without any assignable cause.

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close proximity to the blood-vessels, it in all probability soaks out from

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the acute infectious fevers are to be employed ; medicinal treatment is not

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in typhus as in typhoid. Usually the body is not very much emaciated ;

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able in a few cases to make out an hereditary predisposition to the forma-

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ble circumstances, much better than any other tissue. The way in which

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degeneration. In well-marked cases there are two zones, an outer, red and

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sweats, and the patient dies of acute phthisis within a few months after the

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the most valuable agent, next to ligature, that we have. Water should

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or any irregularity in the heart's action. All active or violent jDhysical

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circulation, or a history of injury, together with the presence of fluid in

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fourteenth. A protracted, slow fall is met with oftenest in the weak,

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diarrhcea than in the other localities. In long-standing cases of intes-

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and small round nodules (often aggregated into masses of considerable size)

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