Kalman, Thomas Peter. Clinical Associate Professor of

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Mr. Stoney read a paper on the " Diagnostic Value of the

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Rest. — Rest is absolutely essential. The patient should be

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filled with small ducts, or follicles, and glands. The latter secrete

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pathological, and therapeutic knowledge to the require-

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after admission, his temperature was normal; and while his head was

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nism will be kind enough to tell me where I am to see them. " The

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additional studies to the states, medical schools, re-

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and it could not pass beside it, if large enough to be of benefit.

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in the wholesale dissemination of the disease; it constitutes a

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In children we must also bear in mind the immense bundles

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stimulus is very excessive, when a considerable period of rest may

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feed at an age when the addition of grass and clover to

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essential points of distinction between typhoid and typhus

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Barr and Nicoll. British Medical Journal, October 16, 1897

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was advised. The patient had gained in weight and strength, her health

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bleeding and the solution applied to the denuded sur-

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Notes ' has concern with pathology or practice, I have

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tissues which they had to push before them, or by the resistance

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Treatment. — If weak, give stimulants, such as alcohol. Cold

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mon duct often underlies ascending infection. Inflam-

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The Essentials of Medical Chemistry and Urinalysis. By

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For Vomiting of Pregnancy. — Very good results have

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apiol, administered according to the rules we have laid down, is the bof^t and

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of view, till the main facts are known and remembered by all.