repair to the Presidio, San Fr«ncisco,and report for duty to the Command-
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Dr. H. H. Grant, Louisville : It seems to me that these papers
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best form of bed is a hair mattress laid upon a woven wire spring mattress.
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The treatment resorted to was : suppression of the drinking water,
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twenty-four graduates comprised the class of 1 998.
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be in less than three months. If he has failed in two divisions of the
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The taste and flavour of the milk is practically unaltered. This
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cases of chyluria can be satisfactorily explained. These diseases are
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tember, 1858. He had a Bmall hsBmoptysis in 1852, unattended bj
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upper urinary tract infections are common, primarily due to
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and this, in order to leflen the danger of one's fu-
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negro suppuration is less likely to occur than in the
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twenty-eight cases of acute rheumatis ni treated with
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restore those nerves centering in the sexual organs to their naoathy,
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Dale,^^ Denning,^^ von Noorden^^ and others). On the other hand, a
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much enlarged, and if cut will bleed a stream, so be prepared to tie
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Or 90 feet through limestone and struck water in sandrock.
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tain colors. He has found, so far, that red and black attract
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Middle Year is reputed to be the easiest of them all, if one can
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and in virgins are reddish, plump, and reund, but hang flag-
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nation requires in its Public Health Administration, in its organized
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to a very small amount, notwithstanding the loss of mobility in
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Fraternity to uphold the highest standards of schol-
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only and very often to reach practically all parts of it. This
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foods, fats, meats and gravies; take the meals entirely without drink-
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during the e;irly part of training, while a man is get-
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fails to excite a word of admiration when it is performed
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ment to be taken into consideration. Men of extreme views are
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disappearing at the inner ankle, or in some of the cutaneous nerves
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the headquarters at Cairo. He arrived at Cairo in May 1883.