looked upon as a distinct disease, not protected against by vaccination.
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enlightenment in regard to the exact nature and loca- To determine the obliquity of the neck of the as-
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after taking arsenic in small doses for nearly sixteen weeks —
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Besides this spastic form, there is a flaccid form of
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being about half a mile. We are also told that the disease
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The activity of the animal fluids increases till he reaches his merid-
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section of the spinal nerves. Ranson (^09) in his discussion of
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t We beg to urge upon physicians the importance of writing for " Extraetum Pancreatis" when
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of a dull red color, containing a fluid resembling pus.
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The danger of drinking cold water has been well impressed
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effused. It is also transformed into a tissue which is reddish, but
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well known to require a desoription, has been modified in yarions ways.
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Type I immune serum. The results are given in Text-fig. 1.
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Inhibition of the Reduction of Oxyhemoglobin by Antistaphylococcus Serum.
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varying from one to three in each cell.^ The internal endothelia, on the
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in case the first should cut through too soon, or be driven off by the pul-
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dren, 679; total, 3,432. Skin Department: Men, 56G ;
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t^COC-^ .r— iriCMCCCO •t-iOiOOc- il^CMl^COt— l-stit^CMOt^t-^CMCOOOOCOCO
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William Withey Gull was born at Colchester, in the parish
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run a regular definite course, and have a certain duration : each
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and all others intending to introduce systems of water-supply
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regard to the pathological importance and therapeutic indica-
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or when the patient is in darkness, along with a variety of other symptoms
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In the light of these and previous investigations Bacillus aerogenes cap-