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they are familiarly known in the physiological schools of Britain.
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tion of minutes. The temperature in the axilla was then
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was made by means of those globules made of glass, which the
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more cost-effective to prevent cancer than it is to try to cure
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of water in past twenty-four hours, bright red, and mixed
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dried spleen thus prepared, it exhibits a cellular appearance,
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Lamb and Brannin {^^), at Camp Cody, noted no gross change in the
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The following resolutions were received by the House with sorrowful concurrence.
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tone®). The use of diuretics was accompanied by an average
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bronchioles, we had to deal with the B. influenza) and pneumococcus.
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fession or the public. Nevertheless, I believe this is a develop-
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J~\ • Infirmary, December, 1886. History good. Has had
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and Industrial Positions all over U.S. Applications and
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the patient has suffered from another onset of pain. During
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merely an increased secretion or an impeded absorption was
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adapted to the effective use of the force expended in presence
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Balance and the determination of the 1979 assessment:
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Great improvement in six months under treatment by good
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Gowers believes there is some sclerosis about the pneumo-
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and the outbreak of staphylococcal food poisoning on the
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Pluriglandular therapy has opened a new epoch in the treat-
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into consumption, and died after several months' ill-
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suspension obtained into large T, T. = seed suspension. (12) Make
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(cL.) From the 'Medical and Philosophical Commentaries, by a
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in the two groups of convicts — those free from, and those infected
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coat of each lymphatic is likewise muscular, and consequently
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INDICATIONS: As a cerebral stimulant and vasodilator
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Center and Department of Medicine, New Jersey Medical School,
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side of the outer claw. The first phalanges of the fourth and
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April 10, 18S5, with leave of absence till that time and
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Malaria ; Vaccination and Vital Statistics ; Sale of
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Dosage in Children: Usual dosage should be based on administration of 10 mg
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obliged to discontinue dancing immediately. He remained
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of the species of Phlebotomus is at present extremely vague and scanty ;
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published with my paper on the lymphatic system in birds, in the 58th volume of
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practice medicine. As a result. New Jersey, which is depen-
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his lectures, both at the time and before I attended them,
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Bache, Dallas, Major and Surgeon — Ordered to re-
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well as substances which are not in fact pesticides, such as
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mammalia are spherical, by proving their flat figure, and show-