inflammatory excitants, and, unlike tissues in other parts of the
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able perspiration produced. In both cases the sweet and hay-like smell of the
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ed, showing a healthy growth in the interest taken by Wyo-
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new discoveries in the egg (1671). (2) Three letters
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peated in five or six hours if he be not relieved in his breathing.
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rarely any protrusion of the eye forwards. A small orbital
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Vagina, by A. Bn isky, M.D.. of the Royal University, Vienna.
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solution, or brandy might be given in half-ounce doses every hour ; alcohol,
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unusually suggestible. They are, therefore, abnormally hable to
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months past, has been sparing and somewhat irregular, and suc-
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On motion of Dr. Mosher, Voted, That a Committee of nine be ap-
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but, as profeffional flupidity muft be defended, we
diate effects and agreeable after-effects that the operator is strongly
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deposited by the urine is highly tinged with blood. When, how-
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them. I imagine that after my exposure of them in the Mo-
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to see that these matters are already receiving attention as never before.
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The frequent occurrence of inflammation of the lungs affords
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On August 29th a heavy rain fell which kept the ground so
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toneum. The reason that the mesenterium will remain distended with
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loot and leg. These exceptions to the general statement presented in the text
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electrolyze, and pessarize the uterus, has amounted almost to a
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thirty-five millions of dollars, more than the Chicago, more
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cost per consumer served. Both need to promote and ac-
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to think back for the cause, with a view to avoid it in future, and on the instant of
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inner layer of Avhich gives origin to tapeworm scolices. These cysts are
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pressed, teeth were very defective, voice hoarse and weak. The
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initial bronchitis may be so severe as to attract the chief attention, but as a
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peritonitis, because I have been unable to find a better title.
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so-called paraplegic tetanus, in which both legs are affected, have
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connection, Poynton and Paine^^ have produced arthritis in rabbits with
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pital this morning with ague, which, he states, comes on
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causes which contribute to this result are cold, poorness of diet, deficient ven-
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the knife. The latter has also the additional advantage of stopping any bleed-
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considered that a practical hint might be derived from this