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the spleen was not enlarged, the boy had been saturated

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In many cases of intractable bronchitis the results

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emigration, illegitimate and still-births, division oi property,

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present, but sometimes it becomes so severe as to constitute a very impor

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individuals are found who are apparently so influenced by the poison that

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quinine is given it does not relieve the coma until the parasites

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narcotics are discontinued, aspirin or nonsteroidal

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pages are numbered from 145 to 160, indicating, as well as the form ofj

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venous congestion of the liver, spleen, and kidneys. The only

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the third case. Dr. Knox, the house-physician, took one drachm

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influence in staying the spread of small-pox, but greatly dimin-

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jected, and cedematous. This state lasts from twenty to

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bis i \]»iiciuc— namely, that he had seen cases of melancholia

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peritonitis had ensued, with elevation of temperature, the

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was no pain in the head, nor loss of consciousness, nor confusion of

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koff, Zabolotny, Rudenko, and Bannerman. These various authors

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cross section of the spinal cord of the dove, are shown five typical neuroglia

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type; the nuclear membrane somewhat thin and composed of minute

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the yellow fever exists: Plaquemine, La. ; Port Gib-

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on the tense tissues at the lower part of the outlet and gently but

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arising from general inanition little difficulty will be ex-

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and are, in fact, human souls. These " organisers," sent upon

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surgical cases. Patients admitted at any hours of the day or night but as

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blood ; and again, unusual difficulties weie met with during the operation : the

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them suddenly rose in 1827, and progressively increased till 18

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ble. In the discussion, several well-authenticated cases of cure

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It is true that I have seen the bleeding plan, the opiate plan,

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side of the wound, and this was followed by a continuous suture

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putrid material in the bowel, as does opium. ' ' He regards salol