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chete has affected the germ-cells before fecundation or
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Orfila refers to two cases of poisoning by carbonate of potash, in each of
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products from the decomposing meat infusion and urine for fifty-six days.
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Times changed. The state declared that there would no
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through the brain stem, and through the cerebellar peduncles as far
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The superior accessory thyreoid vein was present in
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possible to put the finger between it and the rows of teeth ; and the
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department of materia medica and pharmacy following the
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Gallic acids precipitate Albumen, vegetable Alkaloids,
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whereas he had twenty-seven twenty-ninths of the scarlet fevei
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of the butter. It is probable that this was a by-product of the lactic-
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6. Treatment has not influenced the duration of the
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as to prove a nuisance to himself and every one about him. Under
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be equally efiicacious in all. To such, we would propose a more minute
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thinner, and that his complexion remains sallow. At the
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at which the lumbar arteries are given off. Temporary paraplegia is produced
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at the jx'esent time often finds herself involuntarily scratch-
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to take measurements in inches should divide into 40 instead of into 100,
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1 Deutsche medlcinische Wochenschrlft, March 19, 1903.
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But while the roof and the cavity of the pock are thus being developed
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1891, xxii. p. 160. — 5. Xeff, I. H. " Report of Thirteen Cases of Ataxia in Adults fi'oni
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at the frequency with which a clinical diagnosis of intestinal obstruc-
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cation and Training ; 7. Clothing; 8. Dietaries and
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dozen cases of his own he had seen a great deal of good
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Acid, Gravel, and, indeed, in diseases generally dependent upon a uric iwid diathesis^ it is a remedy
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FaiT, in his History of the London Cholera Epidemic of 1866 y showed
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had no right to representation at the Council board. Victoria, the
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tuberculosis especially fell so low that the total mortality from this affec-
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of large numbers of mosquitoes capable of carrying the germ, with
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1 The writer's purpose in making this survey is to cover, in a general way, the various sanitary
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geon-General Wyman, of Washington. To all these gentlemen, and the other mem-
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it, too, is related, either directly or indirectly, to con-
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more quickly and more powerfully ; its pulsations become more and more
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chlorosis, render it probable that the affection is nervous in character;
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to be peculiarly liable to its attack. Children seem to enjoy a special
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