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would I urge the importance of their value, as I have at this

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presence of the tubercle bacillus, it has been proved that

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torted fibula which was bowed outward by the pressure of an

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for this theory, the intervening stages have not been

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sugar. If with foods of this nature the animals be subjected to

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four years, twice that of prison life. The aim of the lawyer

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bladder irrigation <zave marked improvement in the bladder symp-

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apy, fostered by such men as Director General Goodwin, K. C. B. ;

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others two daily, morning and evening. This treatment is harmless, and

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A point of interest in these cases was that the general condition

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may not be completely anesthetized after the second dose, and a few drops

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1. The Body Temperature. Increase in body temperature entails in-

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there are two general methods of relieving obstructions

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a sucking noise air rushed in and also some blood. The struggles and

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which, as superstitions, prevent the new light from gaining entrance

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tion of it appeared in one of the German medical journals.

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instinct taught them to hunt, without being supplied with

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These six London institutions all agree that it has reduced the mor-

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tained are not in his opinion sr) striking in acutt; K^'"'

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out, and that is inspection. When measles breaks out in a unit the

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ing :—Creasote, Santonine, Chloral Hydrate, and Tartar Emetic.

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Fig. 207. — Perfect coaptation secured by plating, but in this case same results would

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hog-cholera bacillus the description given by Metchnikoff of the so-called

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dull. It is frequently radiating, sometimes upwards towards

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that its shadow points to that of the foreign body, their shadows will

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There are almost 200 pages in this number, which, like

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contagion with gonorrheal pus, or with pus from another similarly

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1904 c— Idem. Reprint, pp. 93-98. 8°. Jena. [Lib. Stiles.]


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Eclectics must either continue under the wing of the Homoeo-

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of ascend to their chins, like smoke to the funnel of a chim-

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(mir. 1) oil and wax were to be taken from the church.

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lion. He says that he hiu found glubuleK of metallic mercury it) the

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tion, particularly confined to the vaginal mucous mem-