The diagnosis of malignant growths of the mediastinum is rela-

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screen is perforated with a small hole through which a marking

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pelvic peritonitis, with tampons saturated with the

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Ectopic ossification (excluding myositis ossificans pro-

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are the increase in amino nitrogen in cc. per 660 cc. of solution. They

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rishing food, with cod liver oil. Sea air can also be recommended.

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complained of, and a constant cough prevented sleep. The patient

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inhalation has been ruled out by the Chairman, I will only say that

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Died on service on 15th November, Lieutenant-Colonel Matthew

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all of them with results; results on cases i, 2, 3, 4, 6, 28 and 29

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lips hanging pendulous. There was a painful tumor on the near

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features. Of his generosity he says : " His bounty is not prefaced

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Schulman, Philip. Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine.

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history of venereal sore or other syphilitic manifesta-

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seemed to get over the more immediate effects of the medi-

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consolidation with each other. This, however, is more

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It is evident from the examples above quoted that it is not

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presence of pus beneath can be settled by aspirating with a fine needle

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educe heart rate and cardiac output— reducing cardiac

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The first thing is to estimate the body of the building ;

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not show a bright scarlet, and the fowl is not lively, it

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ted the puncture of aortic aneurysms in certain

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Hospital, where he was influenced by his association with

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with the recommendation of the Council, I move that the dues

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10. Lahey, F. H.: The technic of subtotal thyroidectomy for

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was the signal f(jr a general engagement. His main contention

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me, Mr. Chairman — ^which was something to this effect :

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eriug fit, colicky pains, looking at abdomen, plaintive cries,

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lips of the incision in the sac, are useful in pulling it down so that

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the presence of immune serum both in vivo and in vitro, and the Belgian and

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Life, however, physiologically speaking, means, that all

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of the knowledge of many who are doing this work now, feeling if

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tering about the heart, with general hurry, irritability, and restlessness; the