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Mr. Gant mentioned an instance of a married patient who, after having

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ened, and in the same way the oblique fibres widen the central

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pneumonia. The bronchopneumonic areas varied considerably in tex-

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out the sinus by means of a cannula passed through the nostril. After

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erroneously localised. "When the fifth nerve is involved, anaesthesia in the

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upset, and this is followed by symptoms of explosiveness, and a tendency

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layer for the perception of light. With this theory

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Two physicians assist Professor Grancher ; they are

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traced from the Harlem railroad depot, and the quantity

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enlargement of the opening of the iris in order to allow

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Dictionary raised him to the well-merited eminence of

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of the members in rotation and criticised by the other five. In 1735, Cleghorn,

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anatomical support is there for it ? Two-thirds of the

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Hyperaesthesis or Paralysis. Injury to the cord we find interferes with

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