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cords of great strength are attached to the valves and

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During the past several years, community mental health'

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note in the Philadelphia Medical Journal) seems jus-

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" Ca'brewelle," but there is no definite record of the well which gave

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urea per liter of blood. A more probable explanation lies in the high

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The pericascal tumors undergo resolution spontaneously

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not producing any of the more obvious morbid conditions which

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much upon the extent of the morbid process, and upon the

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found, appendicitis is naturally suspected. Muscle spasm is rarely present

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Trousseau called attention to the necessity of paying close atten-

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to them from the veins ; c, by the inhalation of oxygen gas ; d, by arti-

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disinfected two days before," and other details of a similar character.

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tice for some years before the organization of our body, and are liv-

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the hip so that the " Perthes disease " developed fully.

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to the disease breaking out on some other farm, and are got

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left eye; media clear; retina somewhat hazy near disks, so as to make disk mar-

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in the blood by Eichter and by Triboulet ; a diplococcus in the meninges

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exercise as if this difficulty had not occurred at all. During the first

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Professor Lister's antiseptic gauze, for which it must be taken as a cheap and

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Observations similar to the preceding, made during a series of years,

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Surgeon C. Sutherland, U.S.A., is relieved fh>m duty at AnnapoHa,

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1. The appearance of the feet is as represented in the above

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in equivalent proportions with egg albumin. The curve for H3PO4 is

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viz. strabismus, on examination after death, much fluid, but no

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possesses any advantage over the ointment of the yellow

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