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of the splenic cells and of the stroma, and with this there are usually large
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meeting, appointed Dr. Robert Craik to the position of Dean of
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the joints themselves were not affected ; the pain began towards
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fore very proltably carriers of infection. As regarded the worcl septicemia, he
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chief depended chiefly upon the constitutional cause, amputation
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and apply butter, fresh raw beef, or even bathing with cold
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supervision of the registration in the counties and urge the indict-
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matter of varila and vaccina, finds those who absolutely resist its action,
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(tartrate) necessary to inject. Basing his results on a large number
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walls. In cover slips, sections and cultures Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus
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would be playing as in usual health, and lie down to sleep,
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tion of the antitoxin treatment, calls attention to what may be
added to albuminous urine ; while the thick, waxy, shining casts
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regiment generally. This i>robably added much to
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unable to obtain entrance without long waiting. The up-
cumbed to the infection or were killed when in a badly crippled
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injury to the nerve, appears certain, from its supervening soon after
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treated without this agent, led to the conclusion that
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another committee to be appointed for the next year,
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When the head is on the perineum she is especially liable to
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her own work, and the child born before the doctor could
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4. A solution of sulphate of copper. Turns blue with va-
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Blastomycosis and Its Congeners : Report of Eight Cases Observed by
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very small rain fall of 1893, the amount being 3.84 inches,
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presented a very small bill to a millionaire, and was
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in, and then the accumulated drugs exert a most prejudicial in-
males. Thanks to Doctor Pelissier, I am able to offer total statistics
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or feasibility of electing to partially detach the uterus from above
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limbs, staggers, and ultimately goes down. He may die in a few
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and the derangement once induced contributes to its own increase,
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little known to us here as yet. It contains by weight 87 per cent, of
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ing capacity, physical conditions and moral character of the