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pressure having been employed for forty hours altogether.

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tendance than that of last year, there being a dilfer-

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mistaken for the itch; but in the former, it will be dis-

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The most common mistakes are in diagnosing the case as

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other features — Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, hepatic periportal fibrosis.

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scribe both iron and bark, alternately with their cathartics.

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coloured papular eruption in different parts of the body-.

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those described by Bumm iu his experimental work on

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actions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference. Annually. 8vo, 10s.

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they entail upon their victims. As far as individual

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is followed by a lingering papule which is attended by consid-

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four strips carefully placed around the stump were in-

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sult. He regretted that the patient was not present, but thought

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Venezia, 1887, vii, 22.5-235.— Painter (C. F.) Inrtamuia-

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pyogenic organisms, is added to the reagent. The drop of pus caused by the pyogenic

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I have simply sought to present the considerations that render it extremely

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tegument, these must offer the second best chance of

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cured of his hernia, and experienced no inconvenience

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hardly trustworthy. It is noteworthy that the case which

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ing unstops, perhaps, the bronchial tube ; and then the air is again

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movements cease, the pigment collects at certain points and the spherical

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molecular death of the ganglion-cells takes place very slowly.

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of absence for four months, to take effect on arrival of a

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pital for Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria Patients, New York (from

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