Health, the establishment of which was authorized in a bill passed by the
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remedy for the relief of Dysmenorrhea, Amenorrhea, Menorrhea, Leucorrhea, Sub-
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ded to Homoeopathy, then have they taken, except for the checks which
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29fch. Some 500 w^ent to Hamburg, there to maintain the same un-
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year for the admission of qualified candidates as probationers.
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months old when the fluid first was noticed. It was removed by
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Patient at time of operation under treatment for early secondary
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long continued, and the urine had a decided mahogany colour, while
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which his father always placed, by preference, in the short flap.
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considerable attention among the medical pi-ofession. He com-
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takes care of all of these health precautions automatically. It maintains from
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Cinchophen, Abbott, is supplied in tubes containing 20, 7J4 grain
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the motor apparatus. But though the effect of the poison on the tissues
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are caused by the action of such agglutinins. Necrosis in th<? liver in hog
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comfortable existence for a number of years. To the good effects oi this
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not be considered dishonorable to collect the same."
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lent cholic pangs, and an almoft iniatiable hunger.
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The situation in the lower extremity is much different from that
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photographs, which have not undergone the process of retouching.
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douche and syringe in the treatment of these cases. I never use the
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As was said of the percussion signs, so it may also be said
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tite, I have known patients not to recover it until towards the
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a bronco, and when trying to lead her the man on the rope let
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treatment rapidly brings about recovery. Three points must be borne in
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city hospitals — a mortality, it is to be remembered, that is augmented
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hernia reduced, the thigh must be adductcd and flexed. The
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and that no organic disease of the eyes exists. Every candidate
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posed partly of fibers of the mesencephalic V root (with which
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first week, and in some cases was 'an annoying symptom extending into
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The analysis of the symptoms of the cases will be better fol-
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56. Higashida RT, Halbach VV, Cahan LD, Brant-Zawadski M, Hieshima GB:
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to an undesirable extent. He has not found satisfactory results with
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these cases there was close chronologic association of the influenza
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340. Summer Squashes— Ingredients— Squash, butter, pepper,
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I Orthopedic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, and