Further notes. — Mai/ 5. — -Patient's head, face, pubis, and perineum
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Hyperacidity or the reverse in the gastric secretion
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agriculturist will attempt to test the lasting qualities of
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reaches a height of from 2 to 6 feet and is generally unbranched except near
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Contributions of original articles, typewritten if possible, society reports, news items, etc.,
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fifty cents to pay their debts, provide for their fami-
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In this instance vaccination appears, to have given a perfect result.
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a few cases which would not yield to traction, either
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ing the place with the intention of starving it into capitulation
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oakum. Quilled suture is where a quill or stick is placed on each side,
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Thomas' test is quite diagnostic. In moving about, in the sitting or
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great soreness will be obser^'ed. On auscultation, a crepitating
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this matter resembles that of digitalis and other drugs, which
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ing jear : President. Albert Bach, New York ; First
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bers each from the Hartford, New Haven, New London,
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Prof. Campbell says, " If in caffeine, so powerful an alkaloid — pos-
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only indication of the earlier presence of the aneurism. The existence
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most able neurologists, — ^Arnold and Reil, followed by most British authorities,
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By what channels is cinchona introduced into the system"^
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ous writers. It is obviously impossible to group all of these
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the dilute filtrate coming from the glomerulus and capsule. A large
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