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and development of children who are now suffering from disease

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garding the potential for a decrease in the use of condoms

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has not since been found. Pyocyanin is an alkaloid produced by Bacillus

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With respect to the operation, Mr. Eriehsen performed urethrotomy

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country that the value of efficient vaccination can best be established ;

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Henry, also weighing about 480 grains (480-2747), 2 - 56 cubic centi-

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The yellow spots, and that which occurs after death,

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eighth nerves indicates that the growth is probably in the anterior part

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his mind ; even with regard to the use of mercury, though he " has for many

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" Azoturia " in the horse, especially marking the pathological

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of dermatology in Edinburgh to teach his students'? I am sure we

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Landis, and especially when he upholds clinical as opposed to what he calls

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ted the puncture of aortic aneurysms in certain c.im

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has published, under the above head, the results of a most interesting series of

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4. Ball lodged in knee-joint, removed — anchylosis.

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whether that gentleman had discontinued hi- ^ i-its, and whether the patient con-

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grinding, is due to the shape of the particles, which in coal-

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chloride. The officinal liq. calcis chloridi, injected subcutaneously,

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■were admitted to the Manchester Royal Infirmary on 12th May, pre-

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a series of observations to determine the solubility of iodoform in olive oil.

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morals, and change of manners from gentle to severe

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being perfectly clean, and fill it with water to the brim to

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short observations, naturally suggesting themselves from the

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Variety is a primary reason Dr. Oravetz enjoys prac-

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she should not be bred. The pregnant bitch should not be al-

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time he began to practice in St. Peter. In 1893 and 1894 he took postgraduate