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divides pathogenic bacteria with reference to their power to communicate
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or the outside will break before the inner part is done. Crimp
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he was not under the influence of liquor she ruled his
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The one-hour method. — In this method the fro<^s are secMired ;ind
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the medical officers of health. Their duties as the
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The highlands of South Africa thirty or forty years
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Massachusetts Ambulance Corps on the steamship Lewiston and else-
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nty prii; . not counting the space occupied by illustrations.
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to rescue Confederate records from oblivion, and when the records
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to the endosmosis of the water by the open tissues. After
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Archibald Adam Scot Skirving, C.M.G., M.B., F.R.C.S. Ed,
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med. ital. tomb., Milano, v. 43, 8. s., v. 5 (38), 22 sett, pp. 379-384. [W m .]
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after dividing any adhesions which might bind the two
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Among the points he had recently demonstrated were these : —
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blood detained in the lower parts of the body could not reach the brain
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during night, with very few exceptions; amount taken
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graceful ; his colour should suit the taste of the pu'-
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great advantage in advanced cases of disease in allowing for posterior
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uterus. There are some derangements in the functions of this
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The spinal cord, surrounded by the dura mater and arachnoid and
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be sufficiently prolonged, complete occlusion often takes place, and
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hepatic cirrhosis in children. (7) That it is in har-
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seized with vomiting and colic, and went home. He suf-
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not reach the air vesicles on account of the occlusion of the bronchi and
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irritation, and even actual inflammation occurring in mucous membranes,
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himself to do best what he intends to do. He is the best
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numbers of our scientific citizens have visited it.
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not common and the period of fever is usually not long enough for bed-sores
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Pp. X + 229. Price 10s. 6d. net. Cambridge University Press, 1915.