logical life is depressed and checked in consequence. The body
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house-flies, were abundant in summer, the succeeding autumn was
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glands. The growth involved the oesophagus and left bronchus,
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8TUBBS.— The Anatomy of the Horse, including a particuUr Description of the Bones, Cartilages, Muscles^ Veins, and Glandu
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countryman Bruce, have proved upon examination to be
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bited places or in the open fields. It may be that you
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powerful action upon the great sympathetic nerve, it
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these is that known as adhesive peritonitis, which is usually
pneumonia on the other hand, it is difficult to so explain the origin
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of embroidery, place a piece of thin paper over the embroi-
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could demonstrate microscopically these organisms in rheumatic
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three cases of pronounced insanity which have been completely,
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Cushing^^ and others have shown that the dura, cortex, and
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surface, so as to disturb the smallest possible portion of an
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tance of the subject. He lived in his family, had no clubs, many
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in the buccal cavity, approximating to Sluder's position ; but
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Anhydrous: Subs., 0.1244: 9.2 cc. N (22.5°, 763 mm.).
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Indiana University Bloomington and the Stone Age Institute— pro-
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1822. Dr. William Tully, on the Yellow Fever at Middletown.
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ciple, and to restore the organism to its normal condition by
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embellished with a number of unusually line colored lithographs, besides
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when merely dissolved in water. Even heated blood serum possesses
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Leading members of the medical profession in the city of
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He'll go back next week, his constituents to bless."
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The original description is as follows : "Annual, diffuse, the
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before, it continued to enlarge until finally it reached a consider-
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good also of psychical qualities ; a given animal possesses not only the
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cannot change its position, but it appreciates the changes