vidual attacks last from one to ten or fourteen days.
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exhibited weakness and choreiform movements in his right
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of equations, imaginary quantities, and the theory of elim-
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vergent pencil, the illuminated image becomes dark, and the darkened image bright,
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cumstances, in hospitals and private practice, in emergencies, and on the
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under the Inebriates Acts, 1879, 1888, or privately (not under the Acts) ;
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cannot neutralise it, and generaUsed tetanus occurs after a short
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ment of soldiers was sent to the northern part of the island, on the
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their "legal protectors," and be enabled to live lives of " single blessed-
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such men, who not only practise medicine, but speak it. It is
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sinuation. A certain uinlelinalile species ol assiduities and attentions,
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bly in malignancy. Banti did not attribute any serious etiological
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I mention this case to illustrate my point, that is, had I allowed
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and physical injury the human family suffers from the inhuman
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corn, as it is more bulky and affords roughness. This
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on the value of Doyen's researches into the etiology and treatment
reported upon his own use ol it in the linni:in eye.
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greatest importance, for such flexion cannot be corrected.
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system and the intra-oxidization processes, they assist the digestive
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could report more than forty families thus affected
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tests made according to the same methods, which serve as a good con-
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warmth is essential to keep up the vitality. There is almost no power
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portion of other tissue — e.g., cellular ti.ssue. This makes a
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through the retinue of diseases which is considered the lot of child-
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University Physicians Professional Building, a main facility in the Gudelsky Tower of the
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nerve should be tested. The nerve may be explored in any part of