stood. Two hours of iaboratory, shop, or field work are coimted as equivalent to one hour o£
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of fresh water. They find great relief by frequently bathing in the sea,
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eleven of them fatal. The remarks here have the same bearing as in the for-
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many shrines, all to no avail, and in 1910, he was seen at the Hartford
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particular action of the blood on the tissues of the individual organ,'
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a serious condition. Eemoval of the shoe, paring out of
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chionanthus every two hours, to facilitate the normal ac-
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four months. This patient also had night sweats and occasional chills.
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calling attention to the desirability of more dental
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a teaspoonful every twenty minutes nntil the skin is moist; of the
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age of eighty-three. Previously Mr. McClure granted
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more natural tint, the pulse becomes more and more distinct,
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clinic of Dujardin-Beaumetz, as did also Dr. Eymeri,
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as cheap labour, for that is what it all comes to, if one removes the
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deservedly won the repute it enjoys among military offi-
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narrowing their calibre. Ou the right side of the ex-
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to select always the very best in size, shape and general
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attended him, during the course of the disease, shall be convicted of
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search the king found for this design a monk, " for oftimes men of
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another that evening, leaving him with a temperature of loi
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the title created for them by the imperial decree, and wliether the3
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mained good. No symptoms were presented analogous to those which are
means I was able to reach some very interesting re-
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here. The habit of chewing gum, trifling as the subject may
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and she swallowed them. Nothing more was thought of the
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cunailated to such an extent as to completely fill them.
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disappearing at the inner ankle, or in some of the cutaneous nerves
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No. 3, 2^-inch outside diameter. | No. 5, 2|-inch outside diameter. | No. 7, 3^-inch ontside diameter.
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Glasgow ^lEDico-CHiRURCiicAL Society. — Januanj 27, 1905. —
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tralize more perfectly spectacle-glasses, the strength of
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which out of fright will pass water. A diamond is to be heated
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some w'icking drawn through to favor better drainage.
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the skin is dry and burning, the conjunctivae congested, the patient's look is wild,
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pleted in three weeks. — (Bullet, de Med. Vet. Prat. Malines.)
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commencement, and not, as has become a misleading fashion, a small section
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Tliese limitationH were unuvoidul)le, but wire <M>un-
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leaves of certain trees. Whether this source can be regarded as