the simplest would be a spring-balance. For the rare sensitive-

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j ust the right condition is produced. They must not be too fat nor too lean. Many

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modation for indigent sufferers who are beyond hospital

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living in the State, of good moral and professional

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three inches internal to the point of introduction.

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from 3 to 9.5 grains. This result seems singular, inasmuch as a very much

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differently in the two conditions, concussion and compression.


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yields information as to the amount of air entering the lungs,

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only as the greatest figure in antiquity but as the

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has been long since ascertained and established, and

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ovariotomy was performed, the cyst removed, and the physi-

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leaves of certain trees. Whether this source can be regarded as

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the bottom of the perfusion vessel and which no(loubt contains sonu^

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ls Stohrer's, of Dresden. This instrument, ^though full of promise, it would be prema-

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The prognosis in this disease is so grave that any method

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Post mortem findings. — Healed tubercles, right upper lobe. Healed

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devoid of virulence. He emphasizes the importance, in testing virulence,

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Case Yl. — S. P., a man aged 28, was seen at the Cowgate Dis-

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— In the first period, there is no general disturbance of the

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tumor. About the last named, it is true, the accounts stressed chiefly the size

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which various forms of cataracta punctata are revealed by examination of

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referred to the local Medical Officer of Health for further treat-

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peutic agent of ancient or modern times — we allude to the iodide of

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of the anatomy, it is no wonder that the average prac-

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levied upon survivors. Bernouilli states that "many who did not die

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Very common on the plains and in the mountain»valleys. Uni-

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ments have been devised, including Garden Parties at Dalkeith

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Bark of Oak tea acts bracingly on the whole system; it

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empirical methods of treatment that I wish to direct your attention. We

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tubal pregnancy. There had been, however, no antecedent symptoms,

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in color, and large numbers of diplococci may be found in them. The

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buzzing of the ears. At 6 P. M., feet became cold, and

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but also to inculcate careful washing of the patients' hands after