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ferred to the brain. The brain as yet, may be considered a latent organ.

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67. Naples Congress, Hritish Medical Journal's Report.

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H. M. Brooks, 1879, New Salem township; ship; Dr. W. H. Croft, 1912, Monroe town-

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engaged in general practice. It is divided into two parts ; the first

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bone. He found that a five per cent, solution of hydro-

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lobe of whicli contained 8 ounces of cysts and fluid. The

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means of which the chlorides are retained in the tissues. To determine

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gastric secretion, and ought to be given some time be-

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ment of Hcemoproteus noctuce in the little owl) and to multiply

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ordinarily low level; and coincidently come reports

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of so much excitement; that its good effects are more than neutralized by

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M.D., St. Louis, Mo.; Boiling A. Pope, M.D., Memphis,

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Ztschr., 1886, viii, 121; 141. — KrukenberiK (G.) Ex-

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in all Europe. At present, the former foundling institutions

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solute quiet," etc., I said : " Doctor, don't you think we had

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ordered when temperature reached 102.5°. The serum had

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en^ao-ed in dissecting semi-decomposed bodies, when there

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intervals, where hydric wet soil conditions are normally

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the Catty accumulation may still be mainly peripheral, and the liver may

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Smith, Burke, Van Amringe, Maury, Lucas, Broc, Giebel, Klemm, Zeune,

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this condition ; (1) resection of the ulcer, (2) the application

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and the axillary contents, in every case of carcinoma of the breast, in order to

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resume work for 24 hours. This headache usually involves the left side. Has

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and dorsalis pedis arteries will not be palpable. In making a pm^ons it n

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with great rapidity and power into the brain, and thus rupturing

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" It is generally reported that this distin i William- FETHER,sroN H. Montgomery,

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a terminal condition, would serve only to prolong the

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of diet, and by a gentle and considerate medicina sytnptomatorum.

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growth, as it entirely disappeared in the course of two or three

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At the end of five months there was marked improvement; at pres-

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be ascertained by a compliance with a resolution of this