of three factors: The hepatic secretory pressure, the expulsive
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posure. Considerable ophthalmia and swelling of naturally heavy
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have proved themselves to be far more successful than men. The women
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obstinate case of indigestion, which evidentlj had its origin
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eases the pimples are close together, forming an oval or circular
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Nouvelle Encyclographie des Sciences Medicales, June, 1 854.
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micturition, and then the vesical contractions are emmgh to
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Thursi rAY. Zoological. — Royal. — Antiquarian. — Linnaan. — Che-
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propensity to suicide has increased, even smaller siaMe
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20. There are also plasters prepared against bites ; such as the black plaster
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these cases came to Spartanburg for treatment. There can be no
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Since the memorable researches of Richard Bright, published in 1827,
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solution contains fatty or viscid material, that in a very large propor-
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(13) Gennerich, Miinchen. med. Wchnschr., 1914, 61:513.
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shown itself in many schools against the too frequent use of the
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this way, the loss of the blood, which is drawn to re-
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these immigrants, additional significance had been attached to
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first characterized "by an increased activity of the vessels, and influx
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of the finer bronchi, with dilatation of their cavity. Disintegration of
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possibility that the salts of mercury did not act by virtue of the mercury as
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obscure way uutil an unmistakable cavity is present. This
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from the perichondrium. If left alone the tumor swells,
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lets hJl whatever he may have in his hand, and halts in his speech.
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The following are unsuitable : (/,) Weak, nervous or excitable
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move her limb. I was unable to visit her that night, but sent
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motions generally dark colored. They are said to be liable
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before I got to healthy bone, four and one-eighth inches
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the value of this sign do not seem to take into account the tran-
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cases, or deal with subjects of little interest to the medical profession
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the descending and iliac colons were almost completely concealed
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In cases which recover, all these various lesions are doubtless repaired.
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Sir Charles Lyell on the Antiquity of Man. The conservatives in
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and later, after careful inquiry and observation, of