lead to criminal acts — kleptomania, pyromania, etc. — are genuine. The dis-

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of myoclonia from true chronic myoclonia, which is evidently a grave nervous

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ment in this disease, and even complete recovery, can occur after several

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marked increase of the sweat production, which in rare cases is only uni-

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Brennecke, Frances Elizabeth, a, Gnadenbutten, Ohio. A.B. (U. of Pennsylvania) '27.

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The Douglas Smith Foundation provides funds to support various research projects

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to the close of the disease, and, even after the patient has become completely

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shows the condition of the sense of contact. The comparison of the sensibility

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A number of writers claim that patients never recover. This may be true if

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ingestion of new supplies of fat. To accomplish this purpose we possess only

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as factors in the origin of syringomyelia and central gliosis. We do not

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column (Eontgen-ray examination, if possible), and by consideration of the

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of from one to fourteen days. The infection may possibly be transmitted by a

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Although in general the movements are continuous, their vigor frequently

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remember that in many cases of obesity the limitation of drinking includes

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dressed by 1 p.m." The house surgeon is allowed to have a pupil, to be

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307. Ward Visits with Externs. — Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. ^C. Autumn,

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McKendree Llewellyn Raney, Director of the University Libraries, Harper Me-

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coma. One chief factor in determining the nature of the case is the size of

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looking with the " blind " eye, can sometimes see very well. When hypnotized

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pieces of nerves and extirpated Gasserian ganglia do not permit of any

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14. Infection and Immunity. — A lecture course. Autumn, Second Term; W., Sat.