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ing of the joint, while at the inner side of the ligamentum

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birth, and who is now commencing a sixth dentition. This case, without

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Santonin in the Fulg^rant Pains of Tabes. C. Neobo. —

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Oift to Loomis Sanatorium. — Mr. .T. Pierpont Morgan, be-

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tion of scientists has been turned toward the partial relief of

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these neoplastic adnl and tubules almost disappear. The tumor

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as with fresh blood. A flake of the brown, dried blood, a trifle

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Abscess behind the left ear; large ulceration in the same auditory

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pus in the urine, and the valuable deductions to be made

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the Aims-House, attacking many of the worn out and broken down inmates.

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with a stricture consequent on gonorrhoea, where no injection had been

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all that saved me. During these days my life was fre-

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tration, and sloughing or gangrene of the mucous coat of the intestines.

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fer slips, and upon careful observation, after a full maturation

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1. — James Mclntyre, aged 50. This patient's stools amounted frequently

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InJiUration of the Lower Extremities. — This was removed in a few days

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tion (wnsists in burning through the prostate gland, one or

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as the administration of mercury might retard the outbreak of

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Was attacked with pains in the forehead and nose, attended with a discharge

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intolerance of the eye to strong light, which he states as follows : —

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sure takes place. This high negative pressure from pcclusion

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Case 4. — P. C. C, whose family history was anknown, died

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ordered, and the secretion of bile vitiated, until the paroxysm passes off. Even then

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a common result the non-consumption of sugar and its excretion by

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Oulnea-plg No. 2 was Inoculated subcutaneously with a pure cul-

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converted into a hard solid mass. The temperature and sensibility of the

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of the congestion had been removed. The patient said

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liona. After using coal-tar the new pus formed con-

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the kidney change. Then comes the third class in which there

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I discovered a solid body (filling the hollow of the sacrum) situated between

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real, 1880, died at his home in Worchester, Mass., April 13.

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of fifty-three cases and obtained positive results in

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