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mide of Iron, in one or two grain doses, may be given at the same time,
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kind, as well as in degree. Thus many believe acute hepatitis to
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was radically cured. In second case patient had already been
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in twenty-four hours, mercuric chlorid in the presence of
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For this purpose, I commenced the treatment by giving a mod-
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parents. As we know that many of the bodily and n ental traits o(
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Louis, 1897, vi, 24-30. — Coppez (H.) Quelques tumenrsde
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cet, Lond., 1887, i, 624.— Borck (H.) Uelier die Heilliar-
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rather wakes and then goes into it ; involuntary urine and feces ;
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accrue chiefly after a visit to such regions and it is not to be sup-
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freely by cutting across the patella, making first a flap
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the knee had partially yielded, when the patient suddenly
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Plates XXI, XXII. — Syphilis of Tongue- - - 529, 530
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different from the small splint bones, which bear concussion,
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separated from each other by the vertical white (internal
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Nodules in the intestine and adjacent glands have been responsible
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serious objection on the part of some patients to the use of the
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look towards the lesion. The importance of this sign was insisted upon
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cient exercise and neglecting even the customary care of the skin. They
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the character of the diet, being less or disappearing upon non-
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Queen Anne's, facing the east, and Queen Mary's, also facing
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had some sort of a tumour in his right axilla. He was admitted
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You also had under observation a man, twenty-three years of age, who
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disease while practising within the tropics in South
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inner coat of the vein. Later it becomes a mass of small white fibrin tigfady
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syphilitica. Complaining of nmch pain ; not relieved
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in any oi^ganic alteration. No central lesion, common to
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Ibid., 701-727, 2 pl.— ITlazzuoli (F. M.) Dis,sertationes
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the above-quoted experiment — t. e., that electrodes placed upon the
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telligently. They should be given in large doses, 50 c.cni., re-
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lustration, as he says "from a motive of justice, on account
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the sweat and sebaceous glands of a condyloma is highly contagious,
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presented of the French army gradually sinking into a state of
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Dr. T. G. Thomas, in a letter to Dr. Billington, dated
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plying the adductor muscles usually participate in the morbid excite-
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There are conditions of depression, the result of an infectious
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which had appeared healthy at the first operation, so that after
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and legs, palpitation, and feelings of uneasiness over the heart.
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coarse mucous rale, taking the place of the vesicular murmur in
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cious, bitter phlegm. This medicine is well adapted to the treatment of
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Excessive Development of Fetus in Primiparse. — Be-
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Dr. Buzzard said he was loth to interfere, but he thought
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Secretary shall immediately give the accused a written copy of the said