pathological condition. The French and Italian surgeons, however,

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qualities may be quite analagous to those, which give rise to the affi-

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tion and nutrition. Hence they are slow but permanent in their

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therapeutists have been obliged to recognize something more

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every other. It consists in the vast generalization of excito-secretory

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forms of disease under consideration. The exciting causes

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may be mentioned: At the outset — in a certain number hemor-

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man ; A. F. Alexander, of Alabama,; J. M. Mosgrove, of Ohio; P.

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was an empty and irritable stomach, prone to take on inflamma-

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tion of chloroform was resorted to, which gave relief so long as

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uterus. M. Barjavel (the father of the author) found, when called to the

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ville, under the presidency of Dr. Willis F. Westmoreland, of

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cause sepsis on account of the jagged base of the crushed pile,

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But let us return a little, to examine the effect of such a

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Drags, Medicines, Chemicals, Essential and Fixed Oils

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of fourteen in the other ; while in both the pulse rose and fell so

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tion and progress of the Medical Department of the University of

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nasal fossae not merely interfere with respiration but

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Dr. Thomson verified these experiments ; and they agree that

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the medical practitioner may consider and apply in reference to indi-

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and then subside for a time. These exacerbations are chiefly