weekly, in either the standing or the prone position, preferably the
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inches in length, one inch and a quarter in diameter at its
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causes of this caseation required, however, in Dr. Fox's opinion, more definition,
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iting function (decreased prothrombin, increased bleeding
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or allowed to remain on the cover-glass for five to ten minutes. The best re-
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and when we sat eating, I took away the wax and lying
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will be found to be a more frequent cause of chronic ill-health
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3. Ischaemia, paralysis of the strangu- 2. Complete inactivity of the abdomi-
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ing the toe with cotton wool increased the pain ; it had therefore to
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level of the sole, and the points of the toes rounded off.
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The histories of cases of this disease coincide with those of me-
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I desire earnestly to urge upon my listeners, in these
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Paal. After the palladium was removed, the alcoholic solution
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Germany. He made fundamental discoveries in chromosome
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has been quite unable to stand or walk alone, and only with great
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increased in weight and volume with increase of years ; and this
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tistry. 314; the benefits of a medical education, 315; gas and kero-
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of treatment ; but we must admit, likewise, peculiarities of constitution and tem-
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recommended as. a candidate for .» gratuitous coarse of lectures, immediately
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feet, — then he put his feet together quick, and pulled
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will disregard the above classification and consider the different forms,
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IN the popular mind poverty and malnutrition are closely associated;
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shown that in the great majority of cases urobilinuria exists and better
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causes the fever. We know that a fever destroys the vi-
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upon from the facts, and by the discussion of which the ultimate practical mean-
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Bordeaux, Spain and other places from which wine was imported, from Dantzig
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female-determinant that is recessive to its larger fellow (the male-
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of a company could so overlook the interests of the stockholders as
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woman who had scattered patches of dark points, somewhat
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of 50 cc. of centrifugate, same as Control C. 1, 1.30, and 5 p.m. 5 cc. of choroidal
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tion and type determination of the pneumococcus directly from the
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the disease has been isolated and its life-history studied. It is almost
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the same tendency to cause intestinal lesions in rabbits that was noted with
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as Gordon Wilson has pointed out, there may be considerable
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2. What was it that caused so great a disturbance in the
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three. The curves here published are averages of this kind.