in three weeks. ^ Two places so near as Edinburgh and Haddington were connected
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twentieth of a grain; in the formula above, it is twice that.
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of adventure, which the latter cannot afford. We can only take a glimpse here and
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And it must be remembered that excessive mortality is only a
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into an easily filterable form. The pale yellow, partially crystalline
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tuted to be the action of a germ or living particle, vegetable or
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XXVIII. Two Cases of General Spastic Rigidity. By Sir
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town and has since that time, with the exception of
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tered. Though this does not prevent " tricks in trade," yet it
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the beginning of tlie century. A closer acquaintance with the
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the result of haemorrhage into the substance of the cord — haemato-myelia
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witnessed, in which loss of voice had lasted half a-year, and was
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they also act so as to often excite feeling and atten-
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severe fall, confining him to his house for eight weeks.
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that they seemed to show that there were instances in
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glia, the vagus, or the nerve-centers. These degenerations could not
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to open, by small orifices, on the internal surface of the vena cava.
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arnica wash for the eye. If possible keep the animal in a
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one. Where there is a probability of injury of other
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spots were beginning to dry up, and by June 11th were all absorl3ed.
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on one of the secondary carotids, or on one of the branches of the external
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and pass through the same course, to be succeeded by an-
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he had noticed in going over the collection in the museum at
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of adhesions is not a bar to pregnancy. I think that
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votion to patients ; there will be no more competitive
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inoculation, but the frequency with which these were observed was
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Animals which have undergone removal of J to f of their total renal
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and evidence on examination of superficial thrombophle-
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In case t, there was an increase in the quantity and solids, when
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fested itself in the city, and taking into view the fact that the schooner
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about the presence of blood. No account of tenesmus. Was
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children who uued the same drinking glasses and spoons with the mumps cases did not come down with
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or window. For this reason they should not be left unattended for
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ties may be formed in either variety. The sphacelated parts
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deranges the functions of the digestive organs, owing to the sympathy
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the cold air in the flue has been sufficiently heated to start a circulation
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scales taken from the pathological tissues, but without
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the Liberal Professions. By Horatio C. Meriam, D.M.D.,
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lobe was then to be sought. This attempt succeeded very easily
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Wipe out the clots and search for the bleeding surface. If neces-
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which produces tubercle may be to that which constitutes inflamma-
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in cancer on March 25, it was announced by the Federal
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The fact that this disease is transmissible to human beings should
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marrow, induce paralysis,t or convulsive affections; and as the foun-
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Staphylococcus albus and at necropsy the appendix was found affected.
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