child continued to thrive finely, but died when about two years old, of

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As to an analysis of causes which might be ascribed as being of

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At the commencement of the chapter on the anomalies of the mucous

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tions under which the ancients worked, this miscon-

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main bronchus (of the pressure class and others), often with peculiar haemop-

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From his school-days onwards he was keenly interested in out-

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urea formation on p. \^1 is definitely settled and ex-

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inadmissable in cases of great malignity. It must be from its

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are few and simple, they may be enumerated as follows : — long

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as I gave five of them a minute account of her symp-

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of the collection of assessments for this meeting was .f 10.50.

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venous obstruction. Of course the fingers and hand had to be bandaged

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ready-made knowledge, and I recollect one conversa-

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Buchheim^s statement, that the poisonous properties of arSMiical preparations are in proper^

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demonstrating the propagation of the inflammatory process from the

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This is a chronic disease, and consists of periodi-

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methods, and on different subjects, and agreeing in placing the

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numerous. The fatal bullet which killed Lord Nelson entered his left

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ciple, and to restore the organism to its normal condition by

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soul;" the former being transmissible, the latter not. *'In man,

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housing surveys which have been made, perhaps one of the most useful

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The Dissector's Manual. By W. Bruce-Clarke, M.A., M.B., F.R.C.S.,

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Treatment. Turning out on natural pastures or feeding

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ing locked in the passage, and that it be not separated from

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Susruta from whom our author evidently borrows the classification

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of limited area, muscular weakness or paralysis of lim-

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habit, and that it is likely that arrests may be made,

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skiU or chemical knowledge, to give an opinion, and whose

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A great many intestinal parasites, round worms, pin worms, etc.,

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for Skin Diseases of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

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Mr. Edmund Owen is responsible for No. X., Cleft Palate and

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comes a time in the healing of wounds under carbolized dressing, when it

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urged also to look only at beautiful objects of art, etc., if she desires a

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passages on the subject of Elephantiasis from the works of

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an enormous tumour, occupying the great curvature, and quite

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Simpson meant his proposition to be taken : he maintained — and attempted