Morgan's book, or the manner in which it is presented. The author is what is

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laboratory and the microscope. Their quick apprecia-

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ticed that there is a spasmodic jerking of one of the hind legs. A

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Wales is now President, was instituted. " The object of the Society

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cloudiness in the United States was from yV - !^, in

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fame amongst medical jurists, on account of its great rarity. It

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gave streptococcal cultures from the blood, as did five which recovered ;

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ing, a drain must be left. Employ the usual dressings and after-

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" mechanician," but a " mere mechanic," T feel some timidity in suggest-

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any attempt was made to examine her by palpation or percussion.

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side dull from the cla^■icle to the second rib in front,

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the proteids eati-n were aiisorbed and utilized. Phy-

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been our privilege to receive so cordial, so eloquent, and so in-

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had to be done. But wait a ainute, there still was soae

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mawkish introspection. There is, in short, nothing of " la lassitude

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La Peyronie has left records of an equally interesting patient. By

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It is held by many that the cause of this disease is an abortive or

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In recto or vesico vaginal fistulas the speculum may be of service, although

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coccus Type II were treated by oral insufflation of oxygen. In all

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On admission, orthopnoea, labored breathing, moderate cyanosis,

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the inteftines did not ceafe, and ihe died of a con-

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month three more quite severe ones, losing consciousness, foaming at the

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sophical reasons why the former is positively deleterious, and the

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Animal Experiments. — Subcutaneous inoculation in rab-

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homceopathists, he said, ' this was no peculiar cause for boast-

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perature, pulse and respiration had been normal for three weeks. He

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sufficiently investigated to permit of any final conclusions either as to the

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the child was in arliculo mortis, I punctured the chest, and

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nearer the truth to say, that it is always the result of a cold