his mouth ; had not slept a wink for weeks, and ' then
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tinitis and neuritis optica. Am. J. Oplith., St. Louis, 1896,
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ing thee after supper, and sleeping upon benches after
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radical operations for cancer of the rectum. Alexis Thomson.
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high up in the pelvis, the vertex directed towards the sacrum.
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sinus. On gentle pressure the probe had entered the sphe-
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Horse Guards. It is matter of mournful histoi-y how
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Robinson, who assisted me so faithfully in the quantita-
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metres in length and 8 to 10 millimetres in breadth. These peculiar
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guinea-pigs, rats, and mice — but not into cats, chickens, pigeons,
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attempting to relieve gastric irritation by cold drinks, and leeches to the
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universally and almost uniformly congested. — April 27, 1872.
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(2) Circular nodules, larger, 3 m.m. to 1 or li cm. in diameter.
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favorable cases the progress of the malady is slow and improve-
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acts upon the other constituents of the flour so that the bread in baking
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often see cases of this fracture reported in the jour-
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With the sanction and approval of Lady Clark a biography of the late
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Scientifique, ii. 1066) or by direct injection, a portion of it will pass
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them is visible. It is not easy, however, to see how or in what
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and if all the chemical actions in the body, develop this force, together with heat, it
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stances as they occur in practice, the stricture will be found so
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After clearing the ducts of stones, a large malleable
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beginning in the mediastinum and extending upward to the nose, acces-
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tines (' Ann. d'Hygiene,' 1847, p. 402) ; and in a case which was the subject of
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exercised in the amount of bacterial antigen used. It is felt that the use of
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each case the action was stronger than that of chloral hydrate, but not
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either dilemma, gentlemen. You can say that I was treating the case
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If the function of respiration suffers derangement from theim-
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varying numbers and actively motile. The color of the expectoration is
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ble deceptions, not only in our own profession, but in almost
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cases in which headache was complained of, it was felt in the
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' CoiiHUi Report, lUll. Glasgow and its MuDicipal Wards. By the Medical Officer o£
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Paulus jEgineta. 4 There is also the speculum ani, or