be sure that it will not begin to dry until shortly before the patient
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Of the 32 immune sera tested, 22 reacted positively in from 24
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In a severe case of osteomalacia, if an operation is not contraindicated
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36 sick soldiers, not, however, suffering from meningitis. Of these 79 proved positive,
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small amount of an albumin-like protein (legumelin) which, so
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then to study the development of the new infection as regards
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Sirop des Cinque Racines. — The French employ a peculiar "sirop
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mon to the abdominal cellular tissue, the external peritonitis of some
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tinguished of our modern physicians. He found the surgical
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and bromide of potass — but all in vain. It was in these circum-
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so in quaHtative bacteriology species and varieties having natural
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Somewhat in accord with this idea are observations reported by
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visible. Pathology tells us that the sufferers from chronic renal
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perhaps a solvent action; but with many of them the effect is at least
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should be taken to select a brush in which the bristles are firmly fixed, as
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bladder, or 10 G. (2i/^ dr.) of a 10 per cent, solution of xeroform oil may
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sary to discuss the degree of specificity exhibited in the anaphy-
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sorry to say that the water-supply in many of the poorer localities,
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vol. ii., 1789) thus writes : — " I am apt to thhik our constitution
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While we have said so much in praise of these " Lectures on
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Both of these thin the bronchial secretion, facilitate expectoration,
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evident that the Wassermann antibody is potent to fix at least
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the only one not patented by some one drug manufacturer or other, and has there-
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a footnote, page 825, volume i. of his works, in which puerpei'al
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dUated heart, they are cardiac and should be treated promptly with
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animals? For moistening the dried blood-clots the author has
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and last August he made me aware that he had not forgotten me.
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part of the genital passage does not correspond with the axis of the
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pig 2,536 was infected by this batch of nymphs. The temperature
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Walker method no satisfactory test had been evolved which would
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in the construction of an hospital. (3.) It is not expensive in
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ture, or causing injurious draughts. It is advantageous that the
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The emulsion causes the formation of an area of infiltration, often in
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Several new paragraphs liave been added to the practical part of
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blood in the field of the microscope was full of white cells, and after