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Illinois Medical Journal, Vol. .">.".. No. ■">. May,

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Puerperal fever was epidemic in Birmingham, England, most of the

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animals in the stalls in which it was exposed. This animal,

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well tolerated, with mild discomfort at the injection site being the main side effect. This vaccine is both

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the spot percussed ; for the dullness depends in part, also, upon the thick-

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Not only has Pharnlacy thus distinguished herself in her chemi-

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the smallest quantity, a cup pretty full of liquid. There is still,

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cjie — but a cheerful readiness to go Vv'henever his Maker

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and to try to limit the contamination to the immediate

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with an acid which again deconipuecB it, and liberates the irritant Cantba-

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pneumothorax was a somewhat rare event in a child. He could remember

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of the fundus itself, we must not be deluded by any such notion. The

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than those who were brought into intimate relation with Professor Flint

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degree as to make it absolutely valueless as a nutrient : the proper

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ward operation, to examine carefully all questions of

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celled, and new ones had to be obtained upon exhibi-

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salicylate of soda has been highly commended. But the time

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establishments under the care of the medical otlicers.

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of the subdivisions of General Chemistry, we may write : —

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would weep at the loss of few of them. There inheres, of

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portant constituent of foods ; without the other foods one may live

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parentage. A rigid system of segregation is at present adopted in this

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or a seat improvised. When open trenches are used the excrement

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during toe operation, on the one hand, by thickening and adhesion of the peri-

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the characters of gunshot wounds. The use of hardened bullets

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