ported twenty-nine cases, on twenty-one of which he had oper-

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were given which usually attended that condition. If

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age of seventy-six years, two months and fourteen days, having

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been published by Mr. Tyrrell,^ where a patient, in whom a

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previously, observed small white bodies interspersed among the

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has acquired an extension of which we can at present make no ap-

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than opium. After an injection has been given, the effect on the pupils should

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metallic arsenic may be readily converted into arsenious acid, and easily and completely

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Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services, New

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malarial recurrence with slight sepsis we may refer to a case of aseptic

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round and spindle-shaped nuclei, and supports the widely patent

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creased the risk of death 3.6 times compared with the femoral

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promised to become permanent, but they had finally lapsed

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Hundred Dollars for the best essay on the Nature and Treatment of

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the abdominal organs, the kidneys are also involved, dropsy is

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tive of scarlatina. The extract, if given for several days, pro-

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the accused. The Montreal case was as follows : A woman,

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minds of his friends, that he has been a very, very sick man ;

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in protracted attacks, but are most likely to appear in convalescence. As a


planus either synchronously with or following upon lichen spinulosus, which

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dies. The second factor in determining whether a given bacterial

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smear is thin, the slide is placed between filter paper and dried.

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who made splendid use of the present day fresh air treatment

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certain irritant substances carried along in the stream of the blood

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of the nails of the left foot for almost ten m jnths.

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The first publication of this surgeon was made in 1847, in the Vir-

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Pennsylvania; Surgeon-in-Charge, Urological Dispensary,